Past Projects

Research Projects:

My dissertation addressed 1) Drought survival and functional strategies in native perennial grasses, and 2) Genetically-appropriate plant materials for ecological restoration. (Please contact me for PDF copies of publications)

  • Balachowski, J. A., and F. A. Volaire. 2017. Implications of plant functional traits and drought survival strategies for ecological restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology:1–10.
  • Balachowski, J. A., P. M. Bristiel, and F. Volaire. 2016. Summer dormancy, drought survival, and functional resource acquisition strategies in California perennial grasses. Annals of Botany 118:357–358.

I have also participated in a number of scholarly collaborations on ecological restoration and climate change. Examples include:

  • Young, T., K. L. Stuble, J. A. Balachowski, M. E. Lulow, C. Werner, and K. Wolf. 2017. Experimental approaches to addressing climate change challenges in prairie restoration. Grasslands 27:10–15. PDF
  • Young, T. P., Stuble, K. L., Balachowski, J. A. and Werner, C. M. 2016. Using priority effects to manipulate competitive relationships in restoration. Restoration Ecology.

Management-focused Projects:

At Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya, in collaboration with the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, I co-authored an instructional guide for monitoring pastoral lands for early signs fo desertification. The guide is quantitative, yet easy-to-use, and specifically designed for pastoralists using bomas–temporary cattle corrals that leave lasting, landscape-scale ecological legacies.

  • Porensky, L. M., C. Riginos, J. Balachowski, and J. Belnap. 2011. Guide to monitoring boma sites. Laikipia Wildlife Forum and USAID-Kenya. PDF


We also trained ranch-hands to use the protocol in the field. (Photos by C. Riginos)